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Is A Wireless Dog Fence a Safe Option For Your Family?

The #1 selling pet containment system in America, Dog Guard, is one of the most notable containment systems on the market because of its high quality materials and low cost. Most pet owners and dog trainers find that this product offers many advantages for pet owners. However, a few of the pet owners we spoke with had some issues with the safety of their dogs while using a Dog Guard. This article will address some of these concerns.

The main concern seems to be with the hidden fence owners. Most pet owners are pretty concerned with the safety of their dogs while on a static fence or hidden electric fence system. There are a number of issues with the design of this system and the problems seem to primarily be with static electric fence systems.

One of the main design problems is that the electric fence can actually shock your pet if they step onto it. This has caused many pet owners to buy repellents for their dogs to keep them off of the electric dog fence. Although we haven’t actually found a repellent that worked effectively on our dogs, we did find a number of people who said they were able to successfully use a repellent with their dogs.

Pomeranian on lawn.

Another problem that some Maine residents have is that they worry about how the panels and wires will be buried under the snow and ice during the winter. This issue does have an answer, but it involves digging. The people who own the Maine homes that use this type of electric fence system are quite happy with their ability to remain ice free throughout the winter, but they admit that this particular design might not be so ideal in other areas of Maine where the weather is much colder.

Most Maine residents are also quite happy with the level of security that their wireless dog fence provides. Even if your Maine home doesn’t end up being buried in snow and ice, remote controlled security panels are still effective at deterring unwanted guests from entering the yard. Most of the time, this means that all of the yard signs, such as the one posted by the pet sitter explaining where the fence ends and the road starts, are properly posted so no one can get into the yard without actually walking over the top of the fence. However, some home and business owners still recommend that you teach your pets to stay away from the fence when they’re not around the electronic fence.

The vast majority of Maine residents think that the installation of the wireless dog fence is relatively simple. Many people compare the process to putting up a regular chain link fence. After the perimeter has been marked, just add the panels to the boundary post and clip the electric lines to the posts. Then, all that it takes to start enjoying the benefits of your new perimeter is to plug the panels into the wall and activate them. If you have younger dogs or puppies, you might want to purchase some electric shock collars for these animals to keep them off of the boundary.

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In addition to keeping unwanted visitors out of your yard, many Maine residents find that the installation of their wireless dog fence helps to control the herding of deer in their yards. As more deer decimated the open spaces of large wooded areas in the Northeast, deer are becoming a greater problem. These animals, particularly the larger breeding bucks, will use any available opening to try and enter into your property. Some people will even put out bait and attract the deer to their feeders before taking the step of installing a wireless dog fence to contain their herd. Without the fencing, these hungry deer could easily knock over your entire outdoor kitchen during the night.

If you do not want to deal with some of these issues, or perhaps would like to expand the boundaries of your property a bit, another option is to train herding dogs to stay on the boundary. Maine is home to some amazing breeders of high-energy dogs that can keep deer from entering and creating a dangerous situation for you and your family. Many of these breeders will even offer a wide range of options for training both the dog and the border collie to keep the animal from wandering beyond the boundary. Training more than one dog to stay on the boundary can also help to make sure that the dog does not wander into dangerous situations where it might harm someone or damage property.