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Top Five Places To Eat In Portland, ME

Going out to enjoy a delicious meal that you did not cook yourself is an American pass time. There are so many different restaurants that serve a diverse variety of dishes that give you choices that you may not never heard of. If you live in Portland, you know this all too well. There are a lot of delicious eateries that will grab your attention. Your only problem is deciding what you want to eat and anyone can see why that would be a problem. However, there are at least five of them in Portland that would get anybody’s attention simply because they are just that good. 

Hot Suppa 

If you want food made entirely from scratch with homemade flavors, this is the restaurant to try out. It was created by two brothers who decide to eat their way around the globe just to see what different cuisines taste like. They came up with Hot Suppa where everything on the menu is authentic and mouthwatering. You will not get enough of what they have and will put this eatery as one of your favorites on their list. 

Central Provisions 

Do you want to try a small plate of something that you have never had before? If so, Central Provisions is the restaurant of choice. They have a lot of different foods that are raw, cold, or hot for you to enjoy. Also, you do brunch and taste some real delicatessens that you never knew existed. The food is really good and very different from what you would normally find in an eatery. Plus, their menu changes daily so that you are not bored with the same old dishes. They love mixing it up for the customers. 


Do you want to eat at a place that has an unusual name but great food? Do you like to eat rabbit? If so, DuckFat is the restaurant you should try out they have Rabbit Rillettes on the menu. You can find some great one of kind choices that no other restaurant would serve and there is compost you can buy. They take leftover scraps of food and make compost so that nothing goes to waste. 

Back Bay Grill 

Do you want to eat food that tastes s good as it looks on the plate in a rich and swanky atmosphere? Head over to Back Bay Grill to do just that. Just know that as rich as the food looks the prices are very reasonable and you will get your monies worth. The menu does change from day to day which makes things interesting, and you can get a gift card for that loved one so they can come to enjoy themselves. Now is the time to make reservations. This would make for a great anniversary dinner spot. You and your spouse are going to the dishes that they have. This will end up being on your places to go for a romantic evening out list. 

The Honey Paw 

If you like Asian noodles and crispy fried chicken come to The Honey Paw where you can eat some delicious dishes that are unique in their own way. It definitely a different change of pace in terms of food choices and will love anything you pick off of the menu. This place serves the best Lobster Toast and other appetizers that you will want to sic your teeth into. 

The thing to love about these restaurants is that you are not just leaving satisfied and full but you are also getting good quality which makes it worth your time. Each restaurant has its own way of pleasing your tastes buds and gives you a reason to see Friday’s nights as their place to hang out. The food is well worth the cost and it just so happens that every dish is unique and different. You will not be bored with the choices.

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