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State puts climate change planning on shelf; towns fend for themselves


A howling storm, tidal surge, downed power lines, beaches swept away, coastal residents evacuated. Hurricane Sandy? Yes, but it is also the story of the Patriots Day storm of 2007 along the southern Maine coast. Experts say both storms are harbingers of yet more severe storms to come, made worse by the effects of a warming climate. The streets are dry and clear these days in Ocean Park, the 130-year-old enclave at the southern tip of Old Orchard Beach. Continue Reading →

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Dill, Summers, King: Tough questions, candid interviews

The most important issues for voters in this election are jobs and the economy. As part of our series about the U.S. Senate race in Maine, “Setting the Record Straight,” the Center’s reporters have conducted in-depth interviews with the top three candidates about their records of job creation and economic development. Reporters Matt Drange, John Christie and Naomi Schalit pose the hard questions and track down the important details with candidates Cynthia Dill, Charlie Summers and Angus King. We videotaped those interviews, and you can see them below. Continue Reading →

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Charlie Summers interview with the Center

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting’s Naomi Schalit and John Christie interviewed U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Summers on Friday, August 17. With him was Jay Martin, Maine’s Small Business Advocate. The interview focused on Summers’ record of job creation, specifically on the creation of the Small Business Advocate position. There are two versions of the video. The first is an edited version of our interview, the second is the unedited interview.   Continue Reading →

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Who says that everything we do at MCPIR is deadly serious?

Staff reporters John Christie and Naomi Schalit headed down to Boston University recently for a weekend conference on narrative journalism. In between the workshops on things like “Sequencing: The Basics of Story Mechanics” and “One Story, Many Paths: Interactive Documentaries/Non-linear Storytelling” (we’re still not quite sure what non-linear storytelling is, except perhaps something an excited three-year-old might do), there was time for some fun. That included a performance by a wild group of literary musicians who played …. typewriters.  You can watch a video here. Continue Reading →

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