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How to survive Maine’s 2014 elections

It’s not easy being a voter these days. You’re inundated with flyers, emails and TV and radio advertisements about where candidates stand or don’t stand or will never, ever stand on issues whose complexities are belied by the emphatic and categorical statements issued almost hourly by campaigns. Who can you believe? What’s real and what’s not? Our role at the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting is to help citizens understand what is really going on in state government and elections. Continue Reading →

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Redistricting reflects party politics; may end up meaning little here

Once every ten years, when you vote for members of the Legislature, you are probably unaware that you are also voting to choose the people who may draw the lines of the state’s congressional and legislative districts. Just where the lines are drawn is a matter of high politics, because districts can legally be laid out to favor one party or another. All states that must redraw congressional district lines usually do it in time for the first election after the federal census is taken.  The census provides the population data that must be used to create districts, each containing the same number of people. Maine has been different, traditionally waiting until the second election after the census and realigning the state legislative districts at the same time.   But not this year. The Republicans, with a slim majority in the Maine House of Representatives, wanted to make sure that they could dominate the process and not run the risk of losing control after the next election.   They went to federal court, which agreed with them that there was no good reason for Maine to wait an extra two years. Continue Reading →

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