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Maine lawmakers fast-track lottery investigation

Reacting to an investigative series by the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, the legislature’s Government Oversight Committee has voted unanimously to fast-track a study of the Maine State Lottery. Panel members are keen to learn if the Lottery’s advertising strategy specifically targets Maine’s poor. Continue Reading →

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LePage wants to replace secretary of state with lieutenant governor

Gov. Paul LePage plans to submit legislation this session that would create the state’s first lieutenant governor, do away with the secretary of state position and give the power to appoint the attorney general and treasurer to the governor. Continue Reading →

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The Watchdog Index: What you can do with $42 million

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting unveils its second annual Watchdog Index, modeled after the Harper’s Index. We have been performing high level math — ok, mostly grade school arithmetic — to come up with how money was spent on the Maine election this year and finding other ways it could have been spent.

Such as helping Mainers stay warm, sending kids to baseball games or buying thousands and thousands of people Bean boots. Continue Reading →

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Sanford senator used PAC money to pay himself and family $17,000

A veteran state legislator has used a campaign fund designed to help other Democratic candidates run for office to buy tires, pay for car repairs, reimburse himself for travel and pay his wife and daughter for computer services and keeping his books. Continue Reading →

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