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Complaint alleges Rep. Russell’s PAC was “money mill” for her

A Portland resident has filed a complaint with the state ethics commission alleging that the PAC controlled by Diane Russell, a candidate for the state senate and a current member of the House, may have made fraudulent campaign finance filings. “If people know the right questions to ask then the voters can be more informed,” said Michael Hiltz, who filed the ethics complaint against the PAC controlled by Russell. Continue Reading →

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Portland legislator paid self from leadership PAC founded to support other candidates

Since 2013, Rep. Diane Russell’s “Working Families PAC” paid her a total of $7,747 of its total expenditures of $39,583. Unlike other so-called leadership PACs, where most of the money raised goes to support fellow party members’ electoral ambitions, Russell’s PAC gave only $1,550 in contributions to Democratic candidates or organizations. Continue Reading →

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Integrity of ballot questions threatened by the role of money in the process

Dead men don’t vote. And they can’t sign their names to voter petitions, either. But one did in the town of Greene last year. A name of a deceased town resident was one of the signatures the alert town clerk found on a petition asking voters if they wanted the tax reform bill to go to a people’s veto referendum in June. »READ RELATED STORY:
“More petition rules: Good or bad for Maine’s democracy”

The clerk discovered that every signature on the petition was invalid. Continue Reading →

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