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LePage wants to replace secretary of state with lieutenant governor

Gov. Paul LePage plans to submit legislation this session that would create the state’s first lieutenant governor, do away with the secretary of state position and give the power to appoint the attorney general and treasurer to the governor. Continue Reading →

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Risky business: Les Otten and the rise and fall of American Skiing Co.

Editor’s note: The following examination of gubernatorial candidate Leslie B. Otten’s role in American Skiing Co. by the non-profit Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting is the first in a series examining the claims and records of some of the leading candidates for governor. By Marian McCue and John Christie
Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting

If you Google “American Skiing Company” and “Otten,” you get 4,700 “hits.” That’s because Leslie B. Otten’s claim to fame was his attempt to turn that company into the nation’s largest and most successful owner of ski resorts, starting with Sunday River in western Maine. But that attempt ultimately failed, a failure symbolized by the “delisting” of the company by the New York Stock Exchange after it had fallen from a high of $18 per share to well less than $1. Continue Reading →

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