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Climate change bill dead this legislative session

AUGUSTA — The bill that would have revived Maine’s plan for adapting to climate change was defeated on Wednesday, when the House voted to override the governor’s veto fell short by a single vote.

“This was really an important bill,” said a disappointed Pete Didisheim, advocacy director for the Natural Resources Council of Maine. “We were trying to get back into a conversation among towns, officials, businesses and many others about the state’s future in a changing climate.” Continue Reading →

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Sanford legislator calls for state to help towns plan for climate change effects

Two freshman legislators have filed bills to make dealing with climate change once again a priority for state government.

Rep. Paul McGowan, D-York, submitted a bill designed to make Maine more energy independent and sets goals such as reducing fossil fuel use by 20 percent. Continue Reading →

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State puts climate change planning on shelf; towns fend for themselves


A howling storm, tidal surge, downed power lines, beaches swept away, coastal residents evacuated. Hurricane Sandy? Yes, but it is also the story of the Patriots Day storm of 2007 along the southern Maine coast. Experts say both storms are harbingers of yet more severe storms to come, made worse by the effects of a warming climate. The streets are dry and clear these days in Ocean Park, the 130-year-old enclave at the southern tip of Old Orchard Beach. Continue Reading →

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