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How to survive Maine’s 2014 elections

It’s not easy being a voter these days. You’re inundated with flyers, emails and TV and radio advertisements about where candidates stand or don’t stand or will never, ever stand on issues whose complexities are belied by the emphatic and categorical statements issued almost hourly by campaigns. Who can you believe? What’s real and what’s not? Our role at the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting is to help citizens understand what is really going on in state government and elections. Continue Reading →

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From spying to saving Fenway: checking out the resumes of the GOP candidates for governor

Editor’s note: The following is part 1 of a two-part series by the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting examining the campaign resumes of the candidates for governor. The Republican candidates are examined first. One candidate says the Navy gave him a medal for spying on the Soviets. And another tells a Dickensian tale of leaving home at age 11 and living on the streets of Lewiston before being taken in by a family. Those are among some of the grander claims made by the seven candidates in the Republican primary on June 8. Continue Reading →

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