Politics and the Maine Green Energy Alliance

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Energy group funded via state hired Democratic legislators, activists, donors


The Maine Green Energy Alliance, which last week announced it was returning the balance of its $1.1 million government contract to promote home retrofits after it had fallen well behind its goals, says it is a nonpartisan organization. But an examination of the Hallowell-based group shows that of its 13-member staff, seven have or had strong connections to the Democratic Party, including being members of the Legislature. This finding comes a week after the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting revealed that the alliance got its grant with the help of former Democratic Gov. John Baldacci and was founded by Baldacci’s former counsel, also a well-connected Democrat. The seven staff members are:

* Steve Butterfield, who was a Democratic House member representing Bangor and running for re-election when he was hired in August 2010 as a process facilitator. He was not re-elected. Continue Reading →

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