“I background my babysitters”

Snapshots from the first formal day of the Investigative Reporters and Editors conference in San Francisco:

• This is a place that would make a public official with a guilty conscience pretty nervous. There are 1,500 people here, a record number of attendees.

• Best swag seen so far: A t-shirt that says “I background my babysitters.”BrE54blCcAIozdt

• Major topic of conversation between sessions: “Where should we eat?” Overhead in one conversation: “I love vegetables. But I eat tons of bacon. I’m not a vegetarian.”

• Best session title so far: “Detecting corporate fraud — Tips from a crook and a sleuth.”

• “Dirty data” is not what it sounds like. “Dirty data” is information that’s not reliable and needs to be “cleaned up.”

• If you are a foundation representative at a conference that has a lot of nonprofit journalism groups represented you are going to meet a lot of people who would like you to have their business card.

More tomorrow!

–Naomi Schalit

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