How do non-profit journalism centers make it work?

The Investigative News Network (INN) has released ”Audience Development and Distribution Strategies.” The 84-page report is the first in-depth study about strategic and tactical advice for growing earned revenue streams from audience development, and the authors use the Maine Center as an example of one of the models for new, nonprofit journalism operations. They call our model “the startup shop” – and trust us, they really get who we are:

“The startup shop is a relatively new organization providing accountability journalism for local/regional communities.

People: Small team; individuals playing multiple roles within the organization.

Process: Balance between production and packaging of content, distribution deal making, and trainers/educators.

Product: Unique, investigative, accountability journalism; published weekly to monthly.

Distribution: Story-by-story, or through annual distribution deals. Channels include local newspapers, TV stations, and radio.

Performance Metric: Amplification of story impact across the community served.”

To read the full report please click here.

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