Center hires non-profit executive, Hildie J. Lipson

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting has hired Hildie J.
Lipson, a longtime nonprofit executive, as chief operating officer.

Hildie J. Lipson, the Center's new chief operating officer

Hildie J. Lipson, the Center's new chief operating officer

“Our organization is four years old and growing and we find we need to have
an experienced non-profit executive oversee the business side of the
Center,” said Publisher John Christie in announcing Lipson’s appointment.
“That will allow the Center to continue to work on sustaining itself and
also devote more effort to journalism.”

Lipson spent 16 years working at MaineShare, which distributes donations to
40 groups statewide through payroll giving and direct contributions. While
there, Lipson helped build and ultimately led a robust fundraising program
that allowed MaineShare to increase annual distributions to member groups
by 289 percent from 1996 through 2008.

Lipson will be responsible for the business and fundraising operations of
the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting. Christie and Executive
Director Naomi Schalit will continue to be the chief writers for the Center
and make all editorial decisions.

Lipson, who lives in Wayne, is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

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